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Dear colleagues:

It is an honor for me to preside the birth of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery that although recently founded, enjoys the enthusiasm, energy, humility and courage of the members who govern in its early stage.

It is obvious that more professionals from different specialties (Plastics or Maxillofacial Surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists) opt for supra-specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery.

Thus, the Society emerges as a response to the need to create an institution that integrates all the specialties that there training, education and legislation provides for the practice of partial or total of the Facial Plastic Surgery.

From this starting point, our Society has as objective, which is the establishment of a platform where all these specialists can advance in their training and achieve a professional qualification that meets the highest possible standards of quality, providing our patients with a better service.

Moreover, from the Board of Directors, we believe the essential need to implement a network through new technologies of training and information disclosure for healthcare professionals and patients that dignify the specialty, demystify misperceptions that may exist in surgical procedures that we do and empowers the specialists in Facial Plastic Surgery.

In addition, we consider it essential to make a special emphasis to all professionals of different specialties who wish to train in Facial Plastic Surgery can find in this society all the necessary means.

Also, we will work hard from the SECPF to serve as a link with other institutions, organization, national and international societies interested in the development of Facial Plastic Surgery.

I can not conclude without thanking the Board of Directors for the support and great effort to make this project a reality and thank all members for their confidence in this Society where we will always receive them with open arms.

I am at your disposal.

A cordial and affectionate greeting.


Blas Garcia Garcia.

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